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in Disease analysis and models
using Health Data science
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Biocos Life Sciences

Enabling Disease Specific Intelligent & Deep Learning based Data science for healthcare and Diagnostics
Best Services in Computational Biology and High Throughput Disease Data Analysis


Our data/lab services and solutions provide integrated disease diagnostics, genomics, and proteomics researchers in the Biopharma industry and in academia leverage computational data science power to discover new disease mechanisms, drug leads, verify lab experiments and cut significant research time.

While others failed and could not get any clues from the data over years of efforts, but BioCOS Team cracked the underlying mechanisms perfectly in such data and projects for various research laboratories worldwide. Our new problem specific computational pipelines, algorithms and databases also found new mechanisms which got 100% validation success ( Refer Case studies for such out of the way solved problems using our methodologies.)

Lab Services


With our laboratory service partners and collaborators

Sequencing (NGS|Sanger)


Clinical Genomics

Biomarker Analysis

Immunology & Flow Cytometry



BioCOS best in the disease high throughput data analysis and disease mechanisms

High Throughput Data Analysis

Small and Long RNA


Mutation Analysis

Biomarker Identification

Customized Analysis


Integrated- problem and project specific analysis (ref. Case Studies)

Disease Specific Solutions

Tumor Metabolic Analysis

Tumor Mutant Analysis

Infectious Disease

PDAC, Gynecology, P53 Tumor Specific

Product Extentions


Disease and problem specific intelligent data models and solutions

Health Data Models

AI Based Digital Pathology

Image Based Disease Diagnostics

High throughput Data Pipelines

Product Testing

Using Our novel Efficient computational models, Algorithms, methods
based Pipelines and disease specific Databases and portals --
selected case Studies published in high impact journals
[Others failed, we did it perfectly]

Case Studies

our Selected


Out of Our Solutions & Models

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